Gemini (gemini21) wrote,

Oh hello!

So here we are, living in Germany! Wow... Knowing how far I have come in life, I surprise myself sometimes.

As usual, i'm buzzing from the local brew, but feeling good about myself, life, family, etc...

SHE still invades my memories, but that's as far as she goes. Stuck, in my soul like a splinter. I pull the memory out, but I only find another piece as time goes by.

I accept this, she was part of how I became a man. This much I can deal with, and it's my personal thoughts.

Life though, so quick, so fast... Here I am, nearing the mid area of my life. Knowing it will be shorter than others, but that is how life works.

I used to write this for others, but they have all gone. Instead, I write this for you, who ever you are.

nite nite tv land.
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