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Hello 2 AM!

I miss you 2 AM, remember those moments we had long ago? Lurking time, or game time you never cared just as long as I was there right? Ming on the TV, what ever else I had going on the computer. Just me and you 2 am...

Now it's a box of memories I hold on too... So many boxes, but I know exactly where I hind you. All the fun things we did at 2AM, but then again everyone started to go to sleep during that time. Was it that great at all?

I can't believe I pissed away 2 years of my life... Did I really or was it just another evolution of live I had to deal with?


Long time ago, I was reading someone's LJ, and he said, "Life isn't being fair right now..."

For some reason, I have always remembered that moment. I didn't comment on it... But just kept that entry like a 1 dollar bill you never use, but keep in your wallet/purse. I guess I'm using it now. I's not being fair...

When you lose something you can't replace... While I don't hurt any more, my heart still has that dull ache. Good-bye lucy... My baby for so long... Thank you, for you were my son's garden angel. No more pain lucy, time to go home...

Is there a word for the 6th beer in a 6 pack? That's the one I'm on now, the beer that will send me to bed with a warm red nose.

I forgot how easy my mind flows when I'm a bit tipsy... Music in the background, the keyboard feels like an extention to my brain.. Just letting all my thoghts flow... Drunken updates, got'a love it right?

Jamie smelled soooo nice Wednesday night... It's been so many years, but I remember our moments before we went our own ways. I think she did too, but she did a good job of keeping her distance. Either it's her husband or it was her know we were both parents and married....

It's funny... We both look at each other, as if we were looking at each other from the other side of a lake. Wishing we were both on each others side... I'm glad we, did stay on our own sides. It's still nice to look though.

Call me crazy... But i swear some chick was giving me the eye at red robin a few days ago. Every time I looked her way, she was looking at me. Was it me? I always ask that to my self, was she looking at me? But when she left, my eyes followed her out and she did give me that last.. "hey baby" look. She was pretty... But my ugly duckling syndrome always tells me it wasn't real...

Some weed would be nice about now... Oh well, that's one thing I can look forward to retirement huh? LOL!

Well, that's enough crazy talk from me... Thank you LJ, without you my head would explode on these drunken updates. :)
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