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It's about time

I had a moment last night that made me think of LJ and how I used to love posting here. We now paste our lives and stupid doings on Facebook, yet this is where I really pour out my heart. No one knows who I am here, no one to judge and even if they did judge I wouldn't care.

Life has been busy it seems, kids, wife and work... While it's all I do mostly, I can't help but tip my hat at those who have helped me get to where I am now. The home I have is amazing and I still can't come to terms that it's something I did, I worked hard for and finally got that break I always wanted.

From where I started in my parents basement, hour after hour during the night. To being a parent myself, paving the way for my children's future, making sure they have more than I did.

I do miss my online life... All my friends have come and gone, with only a few that I still talk too. I was soooooo popular (online) yet now life has changed and I'm lost online like I was in public so many years ago.

I promise to be back more often, at least I'll try. While I didn't have many LJ followers, I did have something now and then...

I've been on a youtube kick for a bit. I'm dying to post my own videos, talk my heart out... Again, I like the "anonymous" portion, no judgement from real friends. Perhaps one day...

nite tv land.
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