Gemini (gemini21) wrote,

Oh hai

Well... As usual I've been ignoring you Mr. Livejournal...

I have no idea on what to say anymore, I find it amazing yet almost surreal how life takes you where ever it it goes. To glance at the mirror today, and reflect 5 years ago, I'd be rolling in my bed, yet here I am...

I find myself going foward, stepping where I used to only walk when I had a clear path. Yet today, I march on, not knowing, only relying on my skills of life and faith... Faith in God? Maybe, as I have faith, but I don't rely on a church to tell me what to do.

I march only to the beat to the love of my son, I'd give him anything and everything I have. I'm sure this will change as he turns into a teenager and hates me.. Yet, today I'd give him my life, if it meant to save his.

An you, the one who most likely well forever haunt me... I know what's real and I know what will never be there again. I understand now, but yet, I hold on. My flaw, I blame no one else but me. It's that moment I live for, that I can never live again, the thrill, the rush, the knowing that my 20's are gone... I guess I can only thank you, because everything else is a blur. Mostly...

I miss me, but then again, it was me who held me back. The padded room I always relied on... I have broken down the walls, opened up and let the sun in. No longer padded, but more so as a reminder to keep going, rather than stay put.

Good night TV land...
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